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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

WiFi Hotspot Creator Trick for Windows 7/8/8.1 Using Command Prompt

Windows 7 and 8 computers using command prompt in Windows computers. Nowadays, WiFi network has became a must for all as if it's a basic human need :P. Most of our tech gadgets such as smart phone, iPad, tablet and etc comes with WiFi support feature. I can say most of the people have at least one WiFi support device like smart phone or any other. Most of the technology gadgets includes WiFi support feature for many purposes like for easiest web surf for the user, to download large size games or movies, to share music and videos from one device to another, to save the battery life time of the gadget, and many more. So when you own any of WiFi supportable gadgets, you need a WiFi network to enjoy yourself.

Normally you need a WiFi router and a Faster Internet Connection to create a WiFi network in your home. But today I'm going to show you how to create a WiFi network without a WiFi router. So if you are planning to buy a router to create a WiFi network in your place, here is the trick to save your router cost $70-$90. We can easily create a WiFi hotspot in Windows computers using cmd with few commands. Follow my given below steps to create WiFi hotspot successfully without a router.

What are the Things You Need to Create WiFi Hotspot

  1. Working internet connection
  2. In-built or external WiFi adapter which supports to share internet with other WiFi devices
  3. A laptop with Windows operating system (Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1)

How to Find-out Whether Your WiFi Adapter Supports to Share Internet or Not 

First of all you have to find out whether your WiFi adapter can share internet with other devices or can't. Most of the latest laptops comes with in-built WiFi adapter which supports to share internet connection with other WiFi devices. Whatever, let's check whether your WiFi card has the ability to create a hotspot or not. 
  • Open command prompt with administrative mode
  • Type this command and hit Enter > netsh wlan show drivers
  • As shown in the above screenshot, now you can check whether Hosted network supported is Yes or No
> If Hosted network supported shows Yes, you can create a WiFi hotspot within 2 minutes
> If Hosted network supported shows No, you cannot create a WiFi hostpot in your laptop
  • DO NOT close the cmd, because we have to do some more steps in command prompt

How to Create WiFi Hotspot Network

  • To create WiFi hotspot, you want to set wireless parameters such as SSID and wireless password
  • Type or copy paste the given below command in cmd and then hit Enter to start the service 
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=mywifi key=abcdef1234
  • When you type the command and hit Enter, if you get the result as shown above in the screenshot, then you are on the right track :)
If you wish to change the WiFi hotspot name and password, then change the SSID and KEY in the command. I have given my hotspot name as 'mywifi' and my hotspot password as 'abcdef1234'. So if you want to change the hotspot name and password, replace the command ssid=******** key=******** as your wish. 

Now you have to start the created WiFi hotspot in your Windows computer with another command in cmd. Type or copy paste the following command and hit Enter to start the WiFi hotspot as shown in the below screenshot.
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
That's all. If you get the result as shown in the above screenshot, you have successfully started the WiFi hotspot in your Windows computer.

What is the Most Common Error When Creating WiFi Hotspot and the Solution

Sometimes you might get an error message as 'your hosted network couldn't be started', while trying to create the WiFi hotspot using command prompt.
If you get this type of error while creating WiFi hotspot, make sure your laptop's WiFi is turned on and also enable wireless adapter.

How to Share the Created WiFi Hotspot with Other Wireless Devices

Now you are just one step behind to share your created WiFi network with other wireless devices. So here is the final steps to share the internet connection through wireless network with other gadgets.
  • Go to Control Panel --> Network and Sharing Center
  • Then click on Change adapter settings
  • Now you can see the newly created hotspot connection
  • Now you have to Right Click on the current network connection and select Properties
  • In the Properties windows, go to Sharing tab and put a tick on  'Allow other network users to connect through this internet’s connection'
  • Then type the name of newly created hotspot in 'Home networking connection' area as shown in the below screenshot
  • Now click on OK
That's all the setting to create a WiFi hotspot network in Windows computer using command prompt. Now you can connect any of your wireless enabled devices such as smart phone or tab to the internet using newly created WiFi hotspot in windows 7, 8 and 8.1 computers. Here I have connected my iPhone to the new WiFi hotspot network, created by Windows command prompt.

How to Turn On or Turn Off the Created WiFi Hotspot Network

Now you might wonder how to turn on/turn off the newly created WiFi network. If you are using a router to access wireless connection in your gadgets, normally you switch on/off the router to turn on/off the wireless network. But in this case, we are using WiFi hotspot without a router involvement. So here I will show you a simple trick to switch on/off the wireless hotspot any time using shortcuts.

How to Turn On WiFi Hotspot

  • Right Click on the desktop --> New --> Shortcut
  • As shown in the below screenshot, type the following line in the shortcut location path and click on Next
C:\Windows\System32\netsh.exe wlan start hostednetwork

  • Now change the shortcut name as 'Start WiFi' and then click on Finish
That's it. Now a shortcut has created in desktop to turn on the WiFi hotspot network. If you want to turn on the wireless connection, just double click on the shortcut file and start using WiFi with other devices. 

How to Turn Off WiFi Hotspot

  • Right Click on the desktop --> New --> Shortcut
  • As shown in the below screenshot, type the following line in the shortcut location path and click on Next
C:\Windows\System32\netsh.exe wlan stop hostednetwork

  • Now change the shortcut name as 'Stop WiFi' and then click on Finish
That's it. Now a shortcut has created in desktop to turn off the WiFi hotspot network. If you want to turn off the wireless connection, just double click on the shortcut file.

How to Delete or Disable the WiFi Hostpot Network

Delete or disable the WiFi hotspot network in Windows computer is so easy. If you don't like to share your WiFi hotspot with others, you can easily delete or disable it. If you delete the hotspot network completely, you need to create it again, if you wish to use. So disabling the hotspot network is always a better choice. You can enable it any time as your wish.

How to Delete WiFi Hotspot Network

  • Go to Control Panel --> Network and Sharing Center
  • Click on Change adapter settings
  • Now you can see all the network connection
  • Now you have to select the particular WiFi hotspot network and Right Click on it
  • Then click on Delete
  • That's all, now you have successfully deleted the WiFi hotspot network

How to Disable WiFi Hotspot Network

As I've mentioned above, if you disable the WiFi hotspot instead of deleting it, you can easily enable the WiFi hotspot network anytime when you need a wireless connection. To disable WiFi hotspot,   
  • Go to Control Panel --> Network and Sharing Center
  • Click on Change adapter settings
  • Now Right Click on the WiFi hotspot network
  • Then click on Disable
  • That's all, now you have successfully disabled the WiFi hotspot network
If you wish to enable the WiFi hostpot network again, repeat the above given steps and Right Click on the particular network and then click on Enable. So again you can use the WiFi hotspot network with the same hotspot name and the password.

Final Words

This is a simple trick to create WiFi hotspot using command prompt in all the Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 computers. So if your laptop/computer hardware supports to create a wireless network, you don't want to buy a WiFi router for wireless access and this simple hidden trick can save your money on cost of a router. I believe all the tech geeks are loving this trick. I have given you a very clear explanation on this trick with necessary screenshots. Feel free to share this trick with your friends and if you face any problem regarding this trick, the comment section is for you!

Posted at Tuesday, August 19, 2014 |  by Yousaf Ali

Friday, 16 May 2014

Creating WordPress Themes Using Tools & Frameworks

WordPress websites have become common and favorite of all of us. We give preference to wordpress over the blogger and various other platforms for creating personal and professional websites. The contents are easy to upload, and themes can be managed conveniently. Another plus point is the presence of a lot of templates, designs and styles in the wordpress make it easier for us to choose the best and most suitable designs as per the niche and subject of our blog or website. This is why, we thought to share some of the best tools and frameworks with you in order to use them for creating your own WordPress themes, and below is the list of all of them. However, we’ll happily try to create video tutorials for WordPress theme development and theme creation in Urdu as many of you already have requested that and we are working on it rapidly.

Wordpress themes creators

Creating wordpress themes

There are different strategies and ideas to create wordpress theme. Usually the web designers and developers are familiar with these ideas but the current article is written for those who are not expert, so that they can get to know how to create beautiful andprofessional wordpress themes.

Use of responsive wordpress theme ideas

You can style and design your wordpress theme by selecting the wonderful responsive ideas. Such ideas can be browsed on the internet. The consistency of your website is dependent upon the fact that your wordpress theme is consistent and equipped with plenty of features. The responsive web designs and wordpress theme designs are of great help. These can make your way to a successful and highly appealing website with a lot of options and web pages available.

Create WordPress themes using Frameworks

This is the time for us to give a try to different responsive frameworks which are of great help in creating awesome wordpress themes. When you will start looking for the best themes and framework ideas on the internet, a pool of templates and software will be right before your eyes. I have chosen the following best frameworks which are really helpful in creating wordpress themes and anyone can make use of them.


This is a multi column and fully featured responsive framework. It comes in a lot of supportive plug ins and designs so that you can choose the colors, designs and ideas as per your desire. It is highly supportive for jQuery plug ins and can help you create personalized and professional wordpress theme in a shorter time frame.


Bootstrap is a twitter friendly responsive framework. This lets you create more than twelve column grids in your wordpress theme. It also includes plenty of features and layouts for the users to choose from. You can add toggling tabs and many other options into your theme and then upload it easily in your wordpress to get amazed with.


With foundation responsive framework you can create awesome and top notch wordpress themes. It helps you create the themes with varying screen sizes and options. For example, if you want to create a theme for an online cookbook then the pre-packing styles and designs will allow your format your theme in the kitchen style. In the same way if your website is going to be a business site, then its theme can be created with foundation in a stylish yet professional way. In addition to this you can easily and quickly design as many themes as you want and upload them onto your wordpress instantly.

Create WP Themes using Tools/Generators

The above frameworks we shared on this page are not easy to use for everybody, because they require some programming knowledge from installation to set up, which can be easily done by people having web development background, but for newbies that will not be easy. However, we will not leave you alone here, below are some software/tools/generators which anybody can use to create WordPress themes without having any programing knowledge. Some of the tools can be accessed online as well.


Artisteer is a very easy to use software for creating WordPress themes, not only WP, but you can also create Joomla Themes, Blogger Templates and designs for Drupal CMS. It’s free to download and use on your desktop, it has all the features what you need to create a WordPress theme or blogger template from absolutely scratch. How to use it? You can find the guides on their website for using this tool more effectively.


This is a WP code generator, which you can use to generate codes for different WordPress theme sections, it’s free to use and a team of web developers is working for you day and night. What you need to have is; just a basic knowledge of using WordPress and you’ll be good to go with this awesome platform.


This another online tool which you can use to create your own WordPress theme for free, You design a theme and it will automatically generate the code for you. You can even generate codes for e-commerce WordPress themes if you like. The basic features of this website are free to use but if you want to use its full functionality then there is a small fee.

Posted at Friday, May 16, 2014 |  by Yousaf Ali

Remotely Control Your PC through Android, SmartPhones or iOS

Before always you hear about remote desktop client for your computer and that work for connecting and accessing you with another computer. I have also shared before a article for Remotely Desktop Access through Google Chrome as well as there is lot of other softwares and tools for the same purpose such as teamviewer, showmypc, logmein etc. for allow you to remotely access desktop of other computers through active internet connection. This time I have brilliant apps for Android, Smartphone and iOS users who want to access and remotely access computer via their smartphones. So check below the complete guide and material for access your computer remotely through Android, Smartphones and iOS.

 remotely access pc for smartphones

How to Remotely Control Your PC through Android, SmartPhones or iOS.

If you are Android user here is some methods to make your Android phone to control remotely your computer through wifi and Bluetooth and install Unified Remote. This useful tool will change your Android Smartphone into Remote Control for your PC and you can easily control your computer such as mouse keyboard change volume control softwares etc. More you can read the given below downloading Link.
Unified Remote for Android Smartphones
For iOS user there is another app for the above purpose and that is HippoRemote Lite for iPhone, iPad iOS and it comes in free and paid version. In free version you can control your mouse pad with trackpad and use remotely keyboard as shown in below screenshot as well as windows scrolling but suck features are locked for paid version so other all features comes in paid version and you can download or purchase this app from the following given below link also you can check more description there.
hipporemote lite for iOS

Bottom Lines

Hope both the above app you will like for use those as remote control for your pc through your android Smartphones and iOS. For further assistance in this posts you can ask by reply in this post also subscribe our social media and RSS feed for getting news updates. Regards..

Posted at Friday, May 16, 2014 |  by Yousaf Ali

5 Most Useful Android Application for Bloggers

I don’t know this post is useful for my entire visitor or not, but I think may some of you will like it, what I am going to share is all aboutblogging from Android Smartphones. Nowadays Smartphone is used by almost our new generation, but I think we have to use it not only for Making calls, chatting or or playing games but it has been used for browsing internet. Its come in my mind that I must share few application for Bloggers, who want to use update their Blog through Android Smartphone like always stay connected with readers, reply on comments, or may I must tell you something that whole day browsing from PC may be affect your eyes and also make headache and you will become undergo many kind of diseases.
Android app for blogger

How To Update Blogspot/Blogger Blog From Android

Check the following application to make it true.

Google Android App for Blogger

Smartphone Application for blogger
As we all know about Blogger Range. It is the most popular platform for blogging, and if you want to use it or update it via your Android Smartphone you can download this apps, you can easily compose Posts, manage labels or you can also publish it on your Blog, it means you can access everything whatever you can do in PC.

Google Reader Android Application

Google Reader for Android
To become a Best ProBlogger, you must visit or read other Blogs for getting useful suggestion to become a successful Blogger by subscribing their daily updates from Google reader. To make it possible from Android Smartphones you can also download Google Reader Application for Android Smartphones to be always connected when you offline.

Google Analytics for Android

Google Analytics for Android
May be, new Blogger don’t know about this useful tool, is tool for analyzing our Blog from Google. You can check your Blog status, coming visitors, most searching keywords of your Blog, if these all tools come to check through your Smartphone? Yes! Now you can easily check all Google Annalistic tools from your Android Smartphone by download this application.

WordPress Android Application

Wordpress Android Application
Like Blogger, WordPress is also a biggest place where people come for blogging, that is why, we must have also an Android Smartphone application for access WordPress directly through Smartphone. From this application you can use WordPress control panel, Adding Photos, comments moderation, or you may also make new posts and publish it easily via Smartphones.

Writer Application for Android

Writer Application for Android
Sometimes, something comes in your mind for your Blog to write a New Post but you are not seated infront of your PC to write it, after that when you become seated all ideas go you have forgotten. Huhu..! For this you must have a Writer Application in Your Smartphone from which you can write any post in offline mode and save it in draft.

Posted at Friday, May 16, 2014 |  by Yousaf Ali

Free Best Video Editing Software for Android Smartphones

Its so many days I have not shared any post about Android or Smartphones but this day I have choose a topic in which you will notified with few best and free video editing software for android and Smartphones. As we all aware that internet is full of thousands of applications which done similar jobs but always we find tools with having best quality in its work. The videos editing lovers will get the advantage of this article because I have listed below some of very useful and valuable tools for your android Smartphone with lot of best features to directly edit videos from your android, Smartphones and tablets.

 android video editing softwares

Free Best Video Editing Software for Android Smartphones

Check out the great apps with amazing video editing effects for your android smartphones and tables for the above mentioned purpose.

Movie Studio Video Maker :-Movie Studio Video Maker

One of the best video editing software for android phone having lot of great features such as split several videos into one, video effects (fade in, fade out, negative, gray tone) , video frames, you can change background music, you can create slideshow from images means this the must have android application for android phones.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker:-Magisto Video Editor Maker adnroid

Another must have android app for the video editing having so many great features. You can covert your videos into image by using this android app, edit movie and make them beautiful look with own background music and new attractive graphics in few seconds.

HighlightCam Social :-HighlightCam Social for android

You can read all about the above app on its official page by click on the above link. Few lines I will add here about it. It has so many themes to beautify your video, edit your videos and share directly on best social media sites i.e. facebook, twitter, youtube as well as you can send same in MMS clips.

Viddy :-viddy video editor android

As per its simple name, the app is also very simple and easy to use but it has so many best features. Make you video beautify with builtin effects and create every day new personal movie and share between your family through social media platforms.

VideoFX Music Video Maker :-VideoFX Music Video Maker

Want to experience like creative android user? You must have installed this app in your Smartphones for amazing video editing. The most recommended app for your android Smartphones with so many different effects to capture new type for videos such as cartoon, ghost, cinematic etc. For more check the above link to read extra about this useful app.

Bottom Lines:-

All the above apps having almost same feature which will help you to make creative and attractive videos through your android Smartphones and tablets. Having any issue about the above mentioned apps? You can ask by replying in this post. Don’t forget to Join our Social media Profiles and RSS Subscription. Regards.

Posted at Friday, May 16, 2014 |  by Yousaf Ali

New Nokia Lumia 1020 Full Review and Specifications

After receiving successful and loving response for the previous great Windows Mobile version of Nokia Company for Noka Lumia 920, now they have launched their another great success stair in this July in the Shape of Noka Lumia 1020. Just Reading the online news I have discovered such reviews and specifications details for this new family member of Nokia Lumia and found that it has additional features which can be better than the previous version to experience with latest technology. Check out below the Full review for Nokia Lumia 1020.

nokia lumia 1020

New Nokia Lumia 1020 Full Review and Specifications

Heading-wise you will find below detailed description for each part of this wonderful coming Windows Phone.


It has Duel Core 1.5 Ghz Processor with Windows 8 Operating System with some type of sensor effects (no more knowledge about it).


I was amaze to hear its camera strength because the new Nokia Lumia 1020 is coming with 41 Megapixels (38 MP effective, 7152 x 5368 pixels) to store your life’s every memorable moment very clear.

Display and Size

It has AMOLED capacitive touch screen, with 16M colors 4.5 inches and 768 x 1028 pixel which is almost similar to Nokia Lumia 920. the actual dimension of this mobile phone is 130.4 x 71.4 x 10.4 mm having 5.57 oz weight.


There is external slot in this Windows phone but it has built-in installed memory of 32 GB with 2GB RAM.


As I have seen in so many iPhone about non-removable Battery and this one has also same system for the battery which is non removable with almost 19 hrs talk time in 2G mode and 380 hrs in standby mode in 2G.

Bottom Lines.

Hope the above detailed information will help you to choose proper handset, for further assistant or any news for the above Windows Phone, please inform us by replying in this post by comments. Regards

Posted at Friday, May 16, 2014 |  by Yousaf Ali


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